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The Bidder's Compendium
(TBC) is a national summary of Requests for Proposals (RFPs),
Requests for Expressions of Interest (EOIs), Requests for Qualifications (RFIs),
and Commercial Tenders issued by state, city, county and
quasi-governmental agencies (such as airport / transportation authorities).

Published on the first and fifteenth of each month, TBC announces solicitations for services
(as opposed to commodities) in twelve categories including:

TBC is tailored for a "quick-read" by executives (typically a Senior Vice President or higher
ranking company official) engaged in new business development on a regional / national basis.
For firms currently providing services to government (or interested in competing for the first time
for a contract award), TBC is an excellent marketing tool to grow your portfolio and supplement
in-house field intelligence capabilities.

TBC is available on an annual subscription basis by eMail ($660).
Additional information by calling 410-576-1048 or eMail to
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